Employment Law

For the Employee:

We advise on all aspects of Employment Law and Industrial relations. In addition to helping client to resolve disputes, we have substantial experience in assisting clients prevent disputes before they occur.

Our services range from advising clients prior to the commencement of any claim by providing strategic, pre-claim guidance, through to the managing claims before the Workplace Relations Commission, Labour Court, Circuit Court and High Courts.

For the Employer:

Employment legislation will have an effect on every large organisation. Legislation is regularly amended, and new rulings continually affect how legislation is interpreted.

Understandably, businesses are wary of employment-related matters and are concerned that expensive legal proceedings are just around the corner. Whilst it is true that contentious employment matters do arise from time to time, it is much better for you and more cost effective for your business if you take proactive advice and set up appropriate employment policies and practices in advance.

At Lally Solicitors we have the expertise to assist you and ensure that your interests are protected in accordance with the law.

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